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Spring is here so call us for our spring clean-up service.... 815.383.8004

Lawn-Service Services:
-Lawn Mowing
-Sod Installation/Removal
-Sprinkler Systems
-Thatch Pickup
-Yard Rolling
Landscaping Services:
-Retaining Walls
-Garden Tilling
-Spring/Fall Clean-up
-Plant Removal
-Bush Trimming
-Drainage System
-Sprinkler Systems
Other Services:
-Moving Services
-Gutter Cleaning
-Tree Removal
-Window Repairs
-Pool Open/Close
-Power Washing
-Home Winterization
-Cleaning Services
-Debris Removal

Monthly Service:

To assure consistent professionally groomed appearance or your landscape throughout the year we recommend our monthly maintenance service. It allows our team to monitor and care for your landscape on biweekly basis. And due to the ability to route our crews more efficiently our service rate will be discounted to you.

May Service: Weeding and cultivation of your mulch, Bed edges, Pruning of plant material, Spring annuals and bulbs planting.

June/July/August Service: Monthly weeding and cultivating your mulch, Bed edges, All evergreens and other plants pruning, Spring and early summer perennial will be deadheaded.

September Service: Monthly weeding and cultivating your mulch, Bed edges shaping, Second time pruning, Early September planting (mums, asters and pansies), Core-aerification or any other lawn renovating needs.

October/November Service: Final and throughout bed inspection and cleanup, Cutting back of all perennials for winter protection and the removal of dead annuals, All leaved and other debris removal from all planting bed areas, Fall pruning.

December Service: A final pruning to all summer flowering shrubs, Any late debris removal.

Snow Removal: Fresh Landscapes and Construction is equipped to take care of your snow removal needs during large storms 24 hours a day.

Call today, to assure your place on our schedule (815) 383-8004.

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Helping the World Go Green Program
We are beginning a program to help families go green. We feel that with the advancement in solar cells, and different energy saving technology we want to help others become current. Watch for us to begin this program.
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