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Here are a few common questions asked by our clients. Please send us your question so that we can answer it. You can also submit your comments and we will add them so that others can receive your wisdom.

Question One
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Our Mulch Calculator (click here)

The answer to this is based differently at every job and also on personal opinion. I recommend to lay between 3-4 inches which results in 2-3 inches after a few days time. This recommendation is for a new or very thin landscape. If one places too little mulch it doesn't compensate for the loss from animals, and doesn't work as a full weed control. Too much mulch can be dangerous. In 2007 the Naperville Fire Department responded to 107 mulch fires. They are more real than you think so everyone has to be careful. If you feel that you placed too much mulch then its wise to turn over the mulch over during the afternoon hours to release heat build-up. To read more click the links below.

For more information on this please click here>> Naperville Mulch Fires

Also See Garden Girl's Great Smelling ideas for mulch

DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH MULCH ARROUND TREES>>> Here is a video with more information

Question Two
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Landscaping fabric is a great alternative to those who do not like pulling weeds and are against using weed chemical. Companies also refer landscape fabric as geotextiles. Many landscape fabric companies offer a multi-year warranty on their goods, but even if it says ten years its best to consider it five. Geotextiles are decomposed by UV exposure and when the mulch covers the fabric it takes longer for that process. The fabric can also be used to prevent erosion and keep retaining walls clean by putting it on the back side of the wall. Underneath decks, stone sidewalks, and in flower beds are also nice places for the fabric as well.

The thickness should be determined by what it task is. If the fabric is being used under mulch it does not have to be as strong as it would be under rock. Rocks tend to cut the fabric when pressure is placed  on it. 

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Question Three
Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Travis-owner

"New grass seed that takes a long time to grow and stays green for a long time."


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